Switcher VS3003
      Switcher VS3003

      Switcher VS3003

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      The Marantz VS3003 switcher features a compact form factor for easy placement - no bigger than a Blu-ray case in width and depth, with a brushed aluminium front panel and a small hand-held IR remote to switch inputs. On top of that, the switcher is compatible with HDMI CEC so it will automatically turn on and off, and switch inputs once HDMI CEC is enabled on all connected HDMI devices including the switcher, AV Receiver, TV, and connected 8K source devices. As a bonus, the VS3003 is also controllable via the AV Receiver’s remote control if a user prefers that option over a dedicated IR remote, or HDMI CEC.

      Compatible AV Receivers, AV Amplifiers and AV pre-processors:

      • Marantz AV8805A
      • Marantz AV7706
      • Marantz SR8015
      • Marantz SR7015
      • Marantz SR6015
      • Marantz SR5015 / DAB
      • Marantz NR1711


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