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      Since the outputs of hi-fi devices only provide very weak signals and react sensitively to high cable capacitance, the cable capacitance plays a significant role when connecting up hifi components. What is known as a low-pass filter is produced that cuts off high frequencies and also causes phase shifts. For this reason, RCA and XLR audio cables are predestined for the air-based insulation of MICRO AIR technology. Another special feature of the NF-204 MICRO AIR is its symmetrical architecture that guarantees a high level of immunity to electromagnetic emissions. We have also developed a completely new RCA connector that is completely solder-free for the MICRO AIR series. It consists of several parts, which are only joined together over the course of manufacturing. The cable ends are prepared with a great deal of passion and a delicate touch in our cable manufacturing plant, into which contact pins made of tellurium copper are inserted and pressed with a pressure of 1.5 tons. The NF-204 MICRO AIR is also available in an XLR version for those devices with balanced inputs and outputs. Micro AIR Technology AIR dielectric Concentric Copper wire construction Symmetrical architecture Signal-free, double shielding Plug with tellurium copper with rhodium-coated contacts
      REFERENZ NF-204 AIR XLR (0.75m)

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