Our Philosophy

What sets AUDIO FORUM apart?

For AUDIO FORUM, advice involves time. Time that we devote to you. It doesn’t matter to us whether you’re looking for equipment for beginners or high-end components. We’ll explain to you in simple terms all the facts and details you need to achieve the best acoustic result. We shall be pleased to satisfy your requirements regarding design and equipment.

Product quality is the key criterion for AUDIO FORUM. For not everything that has a name is actually good! We examine in advance the almost confusing range of products available, so that in our studios you will only find selected equipment that meets our high standards of quality.

For AUDIO FORUM, excellent service is no empty promise, but a commitment! Even the best equipment can develop a fault. In such a case our technicians provide quick and reliable help. Our own workshop will service and care for your hi-fi equipment, make any adjustments and create cabling for your individual needs.


AUDIO FORUM was founded on 2 September 1978 by Markus Hinckfuß and Dieter Cassau as Audio Forum Hinckfuß OHG. After thorough reconstruction work there was at first only one studio where customers could test and compare high-value hi-fi components.

In 1988 we celebrated our 10th anniversary with a major event and display of the products of leading high-end  manufacturers. Lasting three days, the celebration was accompanied by a street party with live music.

AudioForum, Historie  AudioForum, Historie  AudioForum, Historie  AudioForum  AudioForum

Today, in  220 m2 of space, we have five demo studios and a service area, with six employees engaged in the design and best possible installation and adjustment of high-quality hi-fi equipment.


Audio Forum HiFi-Studios


Audio Forum

Kurfürstendamm 150 / Nestorstraße 56
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