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      AH-GC30 are the latest wireless headphones of Denon that are the successor of the warmly welcomed fantastic model AH-GC20. New child of our company has Bluetooth with 3 different modes of noise reduction than can be easily adapted to the current surroundings.

      1. Office mode: choosing it you can easier focus on your tasks. We recommend it to those who regularly have to talk on the phone in the noisy office premises like open space. This mode can also be used at the gym for listening to motivating musing while making different kinds of exercise.
      2. City mode: enables enjoying your favourite music while travelling across the crowded  city on foot, by public transportation or by bicycle.
      3. Flight mode: it was designed especially to insulate from the typical murmur on the airplane. This mode operates even when the music is not played and let you relax during the long flights.

      AH-GC30 enables playing music from smartphones, tablets, headphone amplifiers with Bluetooth services (whether or not portable). They can also be operated in traditional way, i.e. wired. 

      The most interesting feature of our headphones is the noise reduction that operates in the following way: a few built-in microphones register all sounds of low frequency around you, ”convert” them and ”throw” them out of the headphones. Converted signal removes the original one, thanks to what calm quietness is generated. Professionally it is called counterphase.

      AH-GC30 have the same converters that Denon uses also in their flagship headphones AH-D9200 so they provide sound of the high quality and low level of distortions that can satisfy even very demanding listeners.

      Our new headphones have also been improved as far as batteries are concerned. Battery needs only 2 hours to get fully charged and provides with 20 hours battery life. In case the battery is run out AH-GC30 have two cables allowing their use in traditional way. Obviously, the microphone built-in on the cable also insulates from the external noises, so your interlocutor shall perfectly hear your voice, not what is going on around you. 

      Use of Bluetooth to aptX and aptX HD technologies enable to enjoy sounds of high resolution in music quality from CD. Obviously, you have to remember to provide your headphones with the proper source of music of high quality.

      Headphones’ pads are filled with foam that gently adapts to the shape of head and ears to provide you with the maximum wear comfort.

      These pads have the shape memory effect around the ear thanks to which headphones, despite giving impression of being massive, do not weigh on your head and after a few days of their use you can even forget about wearing them on your head.

      Among attached accessories there are two audio cables (1.3m, one with the microphone, one without it), charging USB cable (1.2m), quick start guide, solid casing and cables holder. 


      Impedance: 16 Ohm

      Frequency range: 50 - 50,000 Hz

      Sensitivity: 98 db

      Bluetooth version 5.0

      Codecs: aptX, aptX HD, AAC, SBC

      Battery life: 20 hours

      Time for charging the battery: 2 hours

      Weight: 287 g

      Accessories: cables, travel carrier, case, quick start guide

      Denon AH-GC30 headphones available since mid-April 2019


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