REFERENZ - Power cable REFERENZ AC-2404 AIR
      REFERENZ - Power cable REFERENZ AC-2404 AIR

      REFERENZ - Power cable REFERENZ AC-2404 AIR

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      The Reference AC-2404 AIR power cable is specially designed for connecting high-end audio systems and is based on in-akustik's legendary Air Technology. It has many sophisticated construction details that counteract the effects just described. This includes the multi-core structure by which the resulting magnetic fields overlap and compensate each other. The division into several smaller, separate conductors also reduces the skin effect. In this way, the entire conductor cross-section remains usable. In addition, the cable is shielded by a dense meshwork of tinned copper wires. This protects the adjoining audio components from remaining interference fields. With all the love for audiophile sound, safety plays a special role in this cable category. For this reason, every Reference AC-2404 AIR cable is tested extremely carefully. In addition to the intensive function test, each cable also passes trough an insulation and high-voltage test. The result is recorded and each cable receives ist individual serial number. The AIR Helix construction is absolutely unique. In order to come as close as possible to perfect air isolation, in-akustik has developed special clips. Inside the cable, a large number of these clips form the supporting framework, which keeps the signal conductors helically free in the air and guides them through the cable at a defined distance. Like all loudspeaker and audio cables of the reference series, the Reference AC-2404 AIR is completely manufactured in Germany. The clips are assembled and the conductors are threaded by hand with great care in the in-house factory. The resulting AIR Helix is then also manually fitted with the PE network jacket before the high-quality plugs are fitted and the cable is checked for proper function.


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